Data Science with Python

Today’s technology has made it possible and more effecient than ever for businesses and organizations to acquire data on a large scale. This real-time practice class will teach you how to manipulate large, unstructured sets of data to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.

Labour Market Demand for Data Scientists

There is an increasing demand for Data Scientists in Nigeria. Business and organizations now understand that, to make better decisions, they need to look at realistics from the data they have accumulated so far. From financial institutions like banks to non-governmental organizations, Data Scientist is becoming a must-have staff in such organizations.

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data science jobs
data science jobs

What you will learn in the training

The program is in two segments

  1. The first segment: programming in Python programming language
  2. The use of python modules and libraries for manipulating, visualizating and projecting data
The first segment starts with programming in python, from beginner to advanced level. All the python principles that you will need in the segment will be covered here. Concepts like,
  • Data types
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Custom function
  • Modules
  • Map, filter and lambda
  • File input/output
will be covered here. But it doesn't end there; because you might want to explore other paths in Python in the future such as web development using python, web scrapping, etc. the first segment will also cover Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts such as classes, class attribute, class methods, working with command line, and more, to make sure you will confidently take on other paths in python and computer programming in general.
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The second segment deals with python modules and libraries including

We will be using these modules and libraries for data manipulation and analysis, performing different scientific computations, embedding plots and charts in applications, and machine learning, including regression.

data science
data science
data science

Among other skills, you will also learn how to collect data from SQL databases, excel sheets and scrap data from HTML web pages for your data manipulation and analysis projects.

Tuition: N50,000
Duration: 3 months
Location: early code, Pronet Mall, 62 Gado Nasko road, Kubwa, Abuja