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Learn digital marketing in my practical physical training: all the strategies, secrets and technicalities revealed. Acquire new customers and generate more sales online for your business without getting frustrated.
Joseph ogbu

Hey, my name is Joseph Ogbu, I'm a Web Developer, a Digital Marketing Strategist and the Founder of Early Code.

I have a long history with digital marketing, since 2014; so that means I have a couple of experiences. I have been doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to market third-party products on Google and I really made a decent income with this.

At the middle of 2019, I launched Early Code, a training institution for coding and Digital Marketing.

Are you fishing in a river or still casting your net in a well?

fishing in a river

I ranked this business on Google local search for a particular keyword and we never lacked people in our programs. Sometime ago, I did a data analysis on sales data from our website's database and Google took the lead in our sales channels.

I launched another business (a retail business) in October 2019 and I started advertising on facebook and instagram and the rest of the stories about this business will be continued with my facebook ads.....

I had a good start with my retail business just by choosing the right promotion channel and doing it right! Facebook has been a blessing, but more so because I know how to create facebook ads that sells. The thing is: an average individual uses facebook and Instagram 2 times a day and spend an average time of 30 minutes each time.

You may have the best of products, but if you don’t take your product to the place where your target customers are, you will be keeping it a long time on the shelf.

Doing the right thing right

I started my facebook marketing campaigns by setting up a professional facebook ad account, took creative pictures and videos with my mobile phone; next, I put up a strategy for my ads, then …… Kaboom!!

Then, monies in ….

And by the way, it’s cheap to advertise on facebook and I love facebook, yes I do – because they are serious about helping you get the best of result. In fact, in three or four occassions, facebook called to share some technical tips with me to help me get better results. Spending about 30 minutes on call discussing things that could help me grow my business shows that facebook truely wants advertisers to succeed.

The whole motivation with digital marketing is about taking your products and service to the place where your potential clients come to the most. You don't get to visit a shopping mall on daily basis, but people visit social media and Google search on daily basis. So, don't bother casting your fishing net in a well when you have a river full of fishes!

Now, it's your turn

I train people, but I only train people in the things I have good experience with, and what can definitely make them money. I created this course at early code for everyone who wants to turn their marketing campaign into cashflow. Just to make sure you I deliver the best value, I will be coaching you along with my partner, Israel Njoku.
Israel Israel is an expert in ecommerce and he has sold thousands of products since he ventured into ecommerce less than a year ago. The amazing thing about Israel is the speed at which he has mastered the art of selling on social media. We will both be sharing all our technical skils, experiences and tricks with you to help you acquire new customers and generate revenue online. All of these on physical class where we can closely understand your personal business needs, and you being able to ask live questions on-the-go.

It's not business as usual

I understand you may have attended a training in the past and it felt like you wasted your time and money because they didn't deliver what they had promised. You are not alone, I personally had experienced it. It's not going to be business as usual because we depend on reviews of past trainees to grow our own business. This is part of the reasons we usually would do everything possible to ensure we deliver on our promise. We have also designed payment for this course to be on installment basis and we will refund your previous installments if we don't deliver as promised.

My Special Gift to You!

David Ogilvy Ad Swipes

David Ogilvy is known to be the "Father of Advertising". He had amassed so much wealth for himself and his clients during his years of practice. This ad swipes is a collection of the ad copies he had written for himself and his clients. This is a 61 page PDF document to help you write ad copies like David Ogilvy and start generating massive revenue just like he did.

Here is what you will learn in a nutshell

  1. Setup a professional ad manager account to create your ads.
  2. Facebook/Instagram advertising secrets
    • getting your ads high visibility
    • ads engagement
    • targeting
  3. Facebook/Instagram advertising technical skills
    • retargeting
    • advertising multiple products/service on the same ad
    • photography techniques and strategies
  4. Getting the best result with minimal spend- CPR
  5. Google ads
    • run different kinds of Google ads
    • setup Google tracking code
    • retargeting ads
  6. Web design with WordPress
    • Design hot landing pages
    • On-page SEO optimization

Training Center location

Early Code, 62 Gado Nasko road, Kubwa, Abuja.
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Training Schedule

Training duration: 3 weeks

Training start date: October 22, 2021

Training days: Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays

Training time: 4:00 - 6:00PM

Course fee: ₦30,000

Pay only ₦2,500 now to book your seat and pay the rest in installments. A laptop will be provided for you in our training center case you don't have one yet.

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