Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About the program

Do you offer Home lessons

No we do not offer private lessons as all our students attend classes in the training centre

Are your programs available online

No, lectures are conducted in a real-time physical class with a physical instructor present with you from start to finish.

How long are the programs

The programs cover a period of 3 months and 2 weeks

How many days in a week will you have lectures?

Classes are 3 days in a week. Each class day last for 2 hours.

You are a complete novice and you are wondering if you can take a course?

Yes, you can take a course. You don't need any prior technical knowledge of the computer, however you should know basic computer operations, like how to open a file, create a folder, etc.

Do we have a hardware engineering Course

No we don’t at the moment.

Do you have an advanced python with Data Analysis class to the point of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Yes we do.

Do you take Java courses

Yes we do

Do you have a full stack web development class

Yes we do

Do you have weekend classes for web development

Our classes are fixed on a schedule so there are no fixed weekend classes

Do you have R programming language for Data Science

No we do not program in R but in python, CSS, HTMLS, PHP, javascript and others

Do you have a course for Adobe Dreamweaver language for web development?

No we do not at the moment.

Do you have a digital marketing class?

No we don’t for now but will begin soon.

Do you have an SQL class?

No we don’t have SQL as a class but we have SQL embedded in some courses like PHP

Do you have a class for Java programming language?

No we don’t have java as a class, but we have javascript embedded in some courses like PHP

Do you build apps?

Yes we do

About the training center

Do you have a Training center in any other state aside Abuja

No we dont for now

Do you have coding for kids somewhere else aside kubwa

No we don’t as our training centre is located only in kubwa for now but as soon as we have an extension, you will be notified.

Enrollment requirements

Does my child need to have a prior knowledge of the use of computer?

No, he/she does't. If a child does have knowledge of using of a computer at basic level, such as the use of mouse or keyboard, we will dedicate the first week coaching him from that level and extend his program a week longer.

Must I have a computer to be able to take classes?

No, laptop computers have been provided in our training center for you to take classes. These laptops are also available for your use when there are no class sessions. Please schedule the times you need to use a computer at the reception desk.

Post-program completion

Will I be awarded a certificate?

Yes, you will be issued a certificate which is verifiiable on our institution's website to proof that the certificate is authentic.

What if I need help after my program period?

We offer all of our students up to 6 months post-program support for projects that they might be working on.


How do I make my course registration payment?

You can register for our programs online. Then proceed to our office to make payment.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can pay in installments. Installment plans vary by courses. Please find out from our reception desk about installment plans and schedules.

When is the program for kids?

There are after-school coding classes for kids. After the closure of school, classes hold for them from 4 - 6 PM on scheduled days of the week.

What is the age range for kids to take the coding programs?

Kids from 7 years old can enroll for our coding classes.

My child is below the set age, can he/she still enroll?

We predetermined a starting age at which kids will be able to grasp the tutorial and these age is not completely fixed; if your child is below our set age you know your child to be good at grasping some new knowledge we will be able to accepted your child.
Please contact our phone or email support should you need more help.