Holiday Coding Classes for kids in Abuja - Every Child Should Learn to Code

Coding classes for kids in Abuja You have heard the buzz about coding but it's real, it the present and the future. Some of the good things we can do for kids today and the younger generation is to help them acquire coding skills that will help them to be relevant in their careers.

Coding may be a little tough for beginners but having the right instructor makes the difference in the learning process. The case is not different for kids or adults, and this is why early code exist. We provide a well structured coding classes for kids in such a way that they can quick understand and the lessons and develop their skills in computer programming (coding).

What Kids Learn in Our Holiday Coding Classes

This program is specifically design for kids between the age of 7 and above to expose them to computer programming - what can be done with it, and how is affecting the development of every industry around the word; and train them to have basic practical skills in computer programming.
Our holiday coding classes for kids are current available in Abuja. Laptop computers and other facilities are provided for our participants
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Now, A Little Discussion on Computer Programming

Computer coding is simply a set of instructions given to the computer system to perform or carryout a particular action, it might look like an unorganized group of symbols, letters or words but it is the language the computer can understand. In the process of using any of the programming languages coding take place. Simply put, coding is a more friendly and common way of describing the act of writing computer codes and programs. Coding enables the computer users to communicate with the computer system although the programmers are responsible for the processes involved in coding, which gives aid to the understanding of the output information given by the computer to the users. Coding is further seen as one or more command and algorithm designed to be carried out by a computer.

Kids are said to be intelligent and also capture things very fast and easy, coding is also one of these things that they are pretty good at. As they learn to code, they learn new ways to get things done using a computer.

There are factors to be considered when enrolling your kids into any computer training institute; like the learning environment, a training center with an environment designed for learning will impact the necessary knowledge in computer programming more effectively; whether there are instructors who can teach coding especially if they have had experience carryout coding projects.

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Help your kids start learning skills for a bright future by helping them discover a new hobby that presents diverse opportunities in tech and ICT.

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Why Enroll Your Kids in early code

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We have a computer system dedicated to each child

In Early code your kids will be taught to code, designing and developing their own simple applications, typing skills (which will become an asset to them when coding), discover the different career paths and opportunities in computer programming thereby hereby enabling them to be among future software programmers and developers in Nigeria and the rest of the world. We offer the hands-on-practical training for for all our participants in our coding classes. computers at early code

We are located in a conducive environment

clean environment - early code

Our learning environment also takes care of safety concerns.

early code offers your kids the opportunity to experience computer coding from its elementary to intermediate principles and skills, making use of one of the major computer programming languages in the world - the Python programming language. They will experience computer programming by being involved in the coding activity.

Why Python Programming Language for Holiday Coding Program python programming language

Well Structured Lessons

Exercises are equally given to examine the progress of every student and to examine the understanding of course being taught. By doing this every student is carried along and no student is left behind. The purpose of this is to enable kids to have a good understanding of course being taught.

In a Nutshell on Coding

Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age and it is important for kids to understand and be able to work with the technology around them. Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future, it also helps them in creativity, communication, mathematics, writing and nurturing confidence in themselves. By experimenting, children learn and strengthen their brains.

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