social media marketing

Social Media MarketingFor Business Growth

Acquire more customers and make more sales using social media marketing. Do advanced advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google.
Learn how to use social media skills to elevate your business.



Facebook Ads

Learn to create ads to attract expected audience using the Facebook ad.

Instagram Ads

Create ads using a universal platform to reach targeted audience.

Google Ads

Create ads for your business growth and make profit while doing it.

Course Description

Whether you are a business owner who wants to grow his business with social marketing of someone who is planning to start a career in online advertisement, this course will help you acheive your goals. The course is aimed at helping individuals and businesses build a successful career in social marketing using facebook, instagram and google; and helping business owners grow their revenues.

Why Social Media Marketing For Business Growth?

With billions of users on social media platforms with an ever increasing daily usage of facebook, instagram and Google, generating revenue from these platform is revenue goal for every business owner. Taking this course will not just teach you the theoretical aspect of social media advertising but also, the practical aspects of how to apply the skills you have acquired. This skill creates instant opportunities for a business owner or job seekers in the advertising and marketing industry.

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Course content

Learn how to use social media skills to elevate your business.

Exceed the limits and move your business strategically into a new world of growth.

This section covers in-dept marketing and advertising with facebook including all the technical know-how.

This section covers in-dept paid marketing and advertising with Google, exploring the different ads and strategies.