web starter

Web Starter

Learn the skill of designing websites, HTML is the language of the web and it's used to write the structure of every website. The CSS skill to be acquired will be used to style and create beautiful website projects.




Learn to craft the foundation structure for websites with the HTML% markup language.


Learn to design stunning front-end with great UI/UX with Cascading Style Sheets.

Course Description

Learning all about the foundational structures for building a responsive website, and all about its management, this course aims at introducing the young ones into the world of Technology today.

Why Choose Kids Code Camp?

As the world advances in all aspects, especially in Technology, introducing the kids early into various fields of programming is set to help them acquire relevant future skills and build a career in Tech tomorrow.

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8 weeks


3hrs per day

Course content

By the end of this course, students should have acquired this knowledge and know how to use all the above mentioned skills and packages.

HTML elements, uses and its application in HTML

With several attributes available in HTML, understand their uses and the one that are applicable to specific HTML elements

With multiple methods to add styling to a plain HTML document, this section explores the how to add CSS to to HTML, when best to use a particular method and best practices to adopt.

This section covers how to add images to and the different things you could apply to an images including best practices.

Forms are essential to websites, this section covers how to create a form that is user and mobile friendly