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Learn the fundamental of coding with graphical approachs. Designed to equip kids with concepts of, processes, and how to design and build with coding.

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Web Starter
Holiday Coding


If you are coming into the programming community with the primary intension of learning and mastering a programming language, then this is the space to look at.

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Python Bootcamp
JavaScript Bootcamp

Front-End Engineer

For user interface enthusiastes, this space gives the recommendations for courses that let you design user interfaces while coding.

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Web Design Masterclass
Android/iOS Dev. (Front-End)


If your goal is to become a professional that can build softwares or solve industry problems, then explore these recommendations.

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Python With Data Science
Android/iOS Development
Full Stack Web Development

Office Executives

I am rather a complete newbie who wants to learn the basics, with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Graphics

Available in
Office Essentials

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At early code, we are passionate about customer coding education. Our instructors have years of experience tutoring specific languaged. Each instructor has worked full-time mastering their respectived courses. We are very passionate about what we do that we always put the students first, Each instructor and the entire team of early code have continued to dedicated several hours to improving all our courses in order to give learner a world-class coding education.

We have a 100% moneyback guarantee. If we do not meet your expectations, you have the right to cancel your enrollment and get your money back.

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Why Take Your Coding Education in Early Code

Almost every activity and process in our world have moved to be performed, managed, and maintained in a digital ecosystem. Because of this eventual and gradual transition, the world’s labour market has evolved with new skills. The demand for these digital and computer-related skills continues to surge.

According to,

" it’s estimated that 65% of children entering primary school today will work in new jobs that don’t yet exist and that many jobs are likely to involve coding. "

Among these skills, coding has maintained its top position on the leaderboard because companies, organizations, and individuals require and demand the creation and management of softwares to process track, analyze, etc. their operations and activities. Software developers will only be able to develop software of applications by coding.

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics,

" by 2029, demand for developers will grow by 22% "

Africa is not left behind in its contribution to the global labour market in coding. The impact of the rise of coding in Nigeria is seen in the birth of companies that created and built their services on coding. For example, companies like PayStack and FlutterWave have redefined how customer-to-merchant transactions work, by using computer programming to build ecosystems that power these transactions. At the end of the second quarter of 2022, FlutterWave is valued at $3 Billion.

As a coding institution, our goal is to coach and raise software developers and problem solvers to fill the space for the increasing demand of computer programmers.

Early Code is a practical physical learning institution that offers live courses from seasoned instructors to individuals and organizations who wish to get started or upgrade their computer programming skills. Our most popular subject areas are Web Design, Web Development, Python, Data Analysis, JavaScript, Android & iOS app development, etc. All of our courses are beginner-friendly, providing you with the opportunity to start learning from scratch or upgrade your current skills and earn a verifiable certificate.


Free Coding Resources

Explore free coding projects and code samples on our GitHub space. Coding samples/projects are available in Python, JavaScript and PHP programming languages; with others in Data Science and Web Development

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We're Coding With EEEI

As part of our goals to empower girls in tech, we have formed a partnership with Engage Empower Educate Initiative (EEEI) in their efforts to train and empower girls in tech. This initiative is known as SheTech and aims at training participants to become full-fledged Android and iOS developers.

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