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Become a data scientist by learning data manipulation, data analysis, data visualization and machine learning.

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Coding is one or more command and algorithm designed by a computer programmer to be carried out by a computer. Computer coding is best seen as software development or computer programming in a given code or programming languages (Programming languages have helped in the development of the internet which has brought people closer). it is indeed said, that with the help of computer coding the creation of computer software, applications, and websites designs are made possible.

Having known that computer coding is the process of software development or computer programming; software development is defined as the process of designing, programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks or other software components, it is also noted that software development and application are interrelated; let’s use the Microsoft word to explain, Microsoft in your system is a software but when running it, its referred to as an application. Computer programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program for accomplishing a specific computing task. Computer programming is seen in a layman’s language as a way of giving computers instructions about what they should do next, these instructions are known as codes and computer programmers write code to solve problems or perform a task.

The computer programming language is a language used to write specific set of instruction which provides various set of output. There are different programming languages used in communicating or instructing the computer on what to do whenever a command is given to be performed. Let’s see a sample of a line of code in different programming languages to have an idea of what a code looks like. Let's instruct the computer to print a sentence to the screen in different programming languages.

In python language:
print("Hello, Abuja!")

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Think of mobile phones, video games, web applications, tools for businesses such as POS, all of these run on computer codes. In developing such applications or tools, a computer programmer has to write codes that perform different operations or tasks within the entire application. These tasks and operations when combined make up the entire application. The activity of writing computer codes is referred to as coding.

Because we need things to be done more accurately, efficiently and timely softwares and computer programs are now being developed to get such needed operations done. Sometimes we mustn’t be physically available to get the done, computer programs and softwares are being developed by computer programmers to get things done without any human presence.

Computer programs and softwares are developed with programming languages. A programming language is just a language the computer understands. In most cases, a programming language has to be interpreted to into a machine language (which is the actual language that a computer understands). To instruct a computer to do something you will need to learn to speak the language that the computer understands. Learning a computer language is not as difficult as landing on the moon, if you are an English speaker, you can also learn to speak French. The same is applicable to learning a computer programming language. There are different programming languages, the one you choose to code with is often related with the career path you choosed in tech. Among the several programming languages Python, Java, C++, JavaScript and C# are among the top programming languages in the world. The ranking is in the order of relevance or their popularity among developers. Python programming language is highly popular among programmers because it is highly useful in the technology trends of 21st century. Such trends as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Robortics uses python programming language as the preferred language for development.

By using one or more of these programming languages to develop technologies, programmers are changing the way things are done in the world. Over the years, machine and other technologies have always been instructed to carry out tasks in the specific order that they were instructed to, but there are so many variables that come into play when more there are several users of a software or machine, and the machine needs to serve each person to meet their varieties of needs. With Machine Learning, a software or machine learns as it is being used by people, it learns each person to meet his needs more efficiently.

How would you analyze the data you collected from millions of people? If you were to do it by manually, it would probably take you years to analyze the entire data, but with a Data Scientist this is not so. With coding, a data scientist will analyze the code and project all the required information. For example, if glo Nig. (with millions of customers nationwide) wants to find out the percentage of their customers that purchased airtime credit using voucher, bank USSD code or a web platform, they will need a Data Scientist since they cannot do it manually. A Data Scientist will request for the raw data and next write some codes that will project the requested information. Big companies, national and global brands rely on such expertise to get the information that they need in order to make better marketing or management decisions.

In the fields of medicine, agriculture and the rest, we now have such things as telemedicine, digital farms. These are innovations that have given rise to better delivery of services and better yield of products.

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